·        Polyurethane flexible couplings for transmitting rotation.

·        Polyurethane vibration bumps.

·        Polyurethane opposing springs for cutting and shaping presses.

·        Polyurethane rubber-metal sleeves. 




 Company Blik 99 Ltd produces polyurethane crush wheels with the following dimensions:

Main application: To facilitate the correct transfer of the corrugated board sheets between different units of the machine (Corrugators, Printer slotter, Casemakers and etc.)


·        Excellent flexibility, which allows adjustment to different thicknesses of corrugated leaves 

·        High coefficient of friction

·        Excellent resistance on impact and abrasion

·        Prevents sliding of the the paper onthe roller 

·        No marks are left on the paper 

·        Excellent pressing of paper

·        Durability 


The company also offers design and development of feed rollers and polyurethane bushings, with sizes specified by the customer, for feeding devices of machines for the production of cardboard boxes and corrugated packaging.