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Poluyrethane screens
"BLIK" are facilities for wastewater percolation of. They are suitable for separating and drying all the types of materials, from initial extraction

up to obtaining fine products with minimal sizes.


Due to the antiabrasive properties of polyurethane, PU screens are recommended for screening of any material, both in dry and wet conditions.


They are produced with varying degrees of hardness depending on their application (for wet conditions, acceptance of materials in the impact zone, to maintain good elasticity, to maintain good abrasion and jolts).


Polyurethane screens "BLIK" we produce are with a clear opening of  0.63 х 8.8 to 60 х 60, and feature the following characteristics:

·     Longer life as compared to the screens made of other materials

·     Minimum maintenance costs  

·     Very low level of clogging due to conical holes

·     Normal noise at work

·     Excellent impact resistance  

·     Excellent abrasion resistance 


Technical characteristics 


А- screen aperture (square, round, rectangular), and their size depends on the nature of the retainedsubstance.  The area they occupy is 25 to 50% of the total useful area of the screen

Н- Total thickness depending on the size and weight of the material

h- thickness of sieves, depending on  screened material

Hardness 55 ÷ 95 Shore А

The company offers production of polyurethane screens, with sizes specified by the customer. Our engineers are ready to offer advanced technological solutions in the field of polyurethane screens.


By choosing polyurethane screens "BLIK" you will solve your problems

for a long period of time.




Blik 99 Ltd produces alsoextra parts for the screens (protective panels, sealants) according to the need and requirements of the customer.