Blik 99 Ltd has developed and introduced the production ofpolyurethane action wheels (impellers), and polyurethane coatings (stators)- (shown on 1) for the following types of Slurry Pumps: 

   Scheme 1


·        Horizontal Slurry Pumps, intended for the transportation of slurries, resulting from processing of ores or other non-metallic minerals, sands and abrasive mixtures.

·        Vertical Slurry Pumps, designed for the transportation of products for dressing of ores, non-metallic minerals, sand and other hydro mixtures.

Thepolyurethane action wheels (impellers) and stators for slurry pumps we offer have the following advantages:

·        Excellent abrasion resistance

·        Excellent corrosion resistance 

·        Excellent chemical resistance (acids, bases, oils)

·        Longer life/ greater durability 

·        Lighter construction

·         Easier to use and service




The company also offers polyurethane spare parts for pumps according to the requirements and specifications of the customer.