Besides details of polyurethane Blik 99 Ltd offers production of parts from engineering plastics (polyamide, polyethylene, teflon, etc.). They are used to produce a wide variety of parts for original equipment and maintenance: seals, bushings sliding bearings, roller, bearing panels, gears and others.

Major suppliers of Blick 99 engineering plastics are companies from Germany:

Licharz- technische kunststoffe GmbH, Germany- PA 6, PA 66 , PA 12 E, POM, PET, PEEK, PTFE etc.

Murtfeldt Kunststoffe GmbH &Co.KG, Germany-various types of polyethylene: PE HD, PE HMW, PE UHMW under the brands: Original Material S, Muralen plus, Murlubric, Murylon A, Murpec, etc.

High-tech equipment of the company allows manufacturing items from single pieces to large series.

The parts are made entirely according to customer requirements.




An assembly line device for rotating the product to mark it's date, emptying or clean it. Also known as "can twister".